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The Voracious WATER spider

Although we have not a spider com­parable with the European diving spider (Argyroneta aquatica), several species frequent water and its vicinity. Most striking of these are the large, long legged spiders of the genus Dolomedes, which frequent pools and slow-running streams. Usually they are seen resting upon the surface-film with their legs widely spread to support their weight; occasionally they float with the hind-feet gripping the shore or the edge of the leaf of some aquatic plant. Closely allied to the wolf spiders, they are voracious in their quest for prey. The spider may rest motionless for hours upon the surface of the water, but, sooner or later, some unsuspecting animal, fish, tadpole, or insect, busy about its own affairs, will swim beneath it. Immediately, the spider will plunge boldly beneath the surface and, grip-ping the victim in its long legs, bury its fangs deeply into the body. As soon as the victim's struggles have ceased, the spider drags it to the shore and devours it. Dolomedes sometimes establishes itself in fish-ponds, where it will soon decimate small fancy fish.






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