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The Beautiful Spiny-Bellied Spider

Many of the small spiders are gems of beauty, both in color and form. Especially striking are the spiny-bellied spiders (Gasteracantha), in which the integument of . the abdomen is hard and often produced into a bizarre armament of spines. A form from northern Australia is so greatly expanded laterally that it is known as the buffalo's horn spider. One of the commonest species in- eastern Australia is Gasteracantha minax, with its many-spined abdomen marked with numerous enamel-like white spots upon a glossy back-ground, rather like an ornately iced cake. The beautiful little two-spined spider (Poecilopachys bispinosa) is one of the few spiders which have the power of color-change. Normally brown with a yellow band around the front margin of the abdomen, and two prominent yellow spines upon the back, it , can, when disturbed, produce a red flush which may be observed passing in regular waves along the pale marginal band.







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