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Huntsman Spiders

The Wolf Spider

The Voracious Wolf Spider

Orb Web Builders

A Fascinating Sight

Riddle of the St. Andrew's Cross

The Tailed Spider

The Amazing Stick Spider

The Death's Head Spider

Queen of Spinners

The Hairy Imperial Spider

The Beautiful Spiny-Bellied Spider

The Crab Spider

The Jumping Spider

The Flying Spider

Bird-Catching Spiders

A Spider that Barks?

Trap-Door Spiders

The Brown Trap-Door Spider

The Funnel-Web Spider

The Venomous Red-Back Spider

Deadliest of Creatures



spiders and their ways


"The spiders in Australia are very large and savage," wrote H. Ramsay Cox, a British scientist and collector, who lived in South Australia in 1872. With the growth of knowledge of our spiders we find that this sweeping statement must be modified. It is true that we have many large and striking species, but that they are savage cannot be supported. Of about 1,400 Australian spiders at present known, three only are definitely dangerous to human life. A few others must be regarded as potentially dangerous, but in the absence of precise in-formation they cannot, as yet, be condemned on that account. The majority handsomely repay study because of their great beauty, or on account of the strangeness of their habits and behavior which are, possibly, unequalled elsewhere in the Animal Kingdom.






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